• 21/Asian/Livin’ dat Cali lyfe
• [FM] [MeOW] Aang reppin’ KandeKreations
• Gloving > life
• Just want all the puppies to love him
• Also likes trance, prog house, dubstep and metal
• Ariana Grande is perf
• Fast cars, faster women, & baby animals
• Sriracha sauce enthusiast
• Enjoys third person bulletpoint format
• Notices you’re pretty gangster
• Is pretty gangster himself

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"well SOME cops are good"


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Apparently men don’t like skinny jeans because it leaves nothing to the imaginations?

What is there to imagine?

Yes, there are two legs there what else did you expect, tentacles?

I think I speak for all Asians when I say that we are indeed disappointed to not find tentacles.

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Press B to crouch.


Press B to crouch.

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